Losing weight: Thanks to the lazy keto diet, Tanisha lost 40 kilos in 8 months

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After her pregnancy, Tanisha actually wanted to lose weight, but could not jump over her own shadow. A year ago, she finally discovered Lazy Keto for herself – this diet gave her a new attitude towards life.

Tanisha already gained weight during her studies. During her pregnancy, as is normal, she added a few pounds.

But contrary to what is often shown, these extra kilos did not suddenly fizzle out with the birth.

Instead, the new mother gained constant weight. She felt helpless. “It was always about the nutrients and weight during pregnancy,” recalls Tanisha in an Instagram post .

“But no one has ever talked about postpartum health.”

Not supporting the body properly

While everything in the young mother’s life suddenly revolved around her child, she did not even notice what kind of food she provided her own body with every day: pizza, pasta, biscuits.

“I always ate as soon as I could. I wasn’t interested in what it was exactly. It wasn’t a good time for me, I started to lose myself,” remembers Tanisha.

“Not only did I lose my figure, I lost the right to change it. I became a mother and everything in my life revolved around being a mother.”

Lots of excuses instead of motivation

Tanisha was in this condition for weeks and months. She told herself that there was nothing she could do about her situation anyway, and made excuses in her head to avoid a change of habit.

“I’m too busy. I’m too tired. I don’t want to start right now, I want to start tomorrow. That’s who I am, I can’t do anything about that.”

Setbacks such as various yo-yo diets and weight loss programs, which did not produce any results for years, also demotivated the young woman.

Make a change with confidence

But the decisive turning point came around a year ago. “The first step was to trust myself and believe that I can really do it,” recalls Tanisha.

“I stopped believing I had no willpower and instead said to myself, ‘I’ll work on myself and my stamina.'”

From this moment on, the young woman not only changed her mental attitude rapidly, but above all her eating habits: From now on, the lazy keto diet should determine her menu.

Stay motivated with small successes

Since this important decision, around 40 kilograms have been lost. Still, it wasn’t always easy for Tanisha. But she tried to constantly motivate herself with small successes.

“Instead of focusing on those 40 pounds that I wanted to lose, I decided to focus on taking smaller steps,” she explains.

“I set myself a lot of small goals – to lose a kilo, then three, then two again. I didn’t put myself under time pressure and forgave my mistakes.”

For all those who also want to lose weight, but have problems with motivation themselves, Tanisha has another very important piece of advice:

“Always remember one thing: your body hears everything that is going on in your head. Such a change happens not only physically, but also mentally.”

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